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How Arabs Are Being Represented in Entertainment: Are Orientalist Tropes Still Pervasive?

Egyptian Streets 22 Mar 2023
These retorts were never spoken, however, with ill-intent nor with any condescension ... how are Arabs being represented in the media?. The West’s portrayal of Arabs in literature (and media), for decades, has been mired in inaccurate representations that have pigeonholed a whole region into a one-dimensional set of characteristics lacking nuance.

Listen to Ramadan greetings in different languages

Al Jazeera 22 Mar 2023
Following the announcement by authorities in Saudi Arabia and countries across the Middle East, the holy month of Ramadan will start on Thursday, March 23 ... Why is Ramadan holy? ... These are Arabic sayings that translate to “blessed Ramadan” and “generous Ramadan”. Greetings are not limited to the spoken language ... — AJ Labs (@ajlabs) March 22, 2023 ... .

Kanari AI Launches Fenek AI: the First MENA-Focused Automatic Transcription and Subtitling Platform for Dialectal Languages

The Joplin Globe 21 Mar 2023
Fenek AI is the first to offer automatic transcription for all Arabic dialects and English when spoken in the same sentence ... Fenek AI is the first to offer automatic transcription for all Arabic dialects and English when spoken in the same sentence—a prominent phenomenon in the region.

Learning of Britain's three waves of conversion to Islam

The New Arab 21 Mar 2023
Damascus-upon-Irwell ... It continued its work right into the 1960s ... Between British integration and Arab identity ... ✍ @BokthNoshin https.// — The New Arab (@The_NewArab) December 22, 2022. Since 2002, Bristol’s spoken word poets Muneera Rashida and Sukina Abdul Noor have opened up new avenues of convert cultural expression ... @YBirt ....

Iraqi Kurds after Two Decades of the US-led Invasion

Financial Express 21 Mar 2023
As it happened, in the new constitution, Iraq’s Arab identity was watered down as more credence was lent to the Kurdish identity that remains distinct from the Arab identity ... For such a reason, the Kurdish language (spoken by around 20 percent of the population) has become one of the official languages of Iraq.

Alkuttab Arabic center organizes Shabana event in historic Jeddah

Arab News 17 Mar 2023
Alkuttab Arabic language center organized a Shabana night filled with Ramadan-related activities, with families in Saudi Arabia traditionally gathering before the holy month to celebrate ... “On the other hand, we wanted to create an atmosphere where Arabic is mainly spoken and encouraged.

Syrian channel employees arrested in Turkey after talk show

The New Arab 15 Mar 2023
Orient TV is supportive of the Syrian opposition and is based in the United Arab Emirates. It used to broadcast from Turkey. The show had spoken about the torturing and killing of two Syrians over the weekend by Turkish border guards at the Bab al-Hawa crossing, which angered Yilmaz ... من انتم ؟. تجلسون ببلدنا وتأكلون منها ثم تفترون علينا ؟ ... ....

Popular International Trivia Spurs Third Contest

North Forty News 14 Mar 2023
Support Northern Colorado Journalism. Show your support for North Forty News by helping us produce more content. It's a kind and simple gesture that will help us continue to bring more content to you. Click to Donate ... Languages spoken by Roberts include Somali, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Arabic, Spanish, French,. Setswana, Malagasy, and Melanesian Pigin ... .

Tunisian President Speaks in Favor of Appointing Ambassador to Syria

Urdu Point 11 Mar 2023
The foreign ministers of Tunisia and Syria have spoken in favor of restoring diplomatic relations. In 2012, most Arab states recalled their ambassadors ...

Tunisia migrants: False content goes viral on social media

Joy Online 10 Mar 2023
One of the videos, with millions of views, is labelled in Arabic ... It’s labelled in Arabic ... We also checked the dialogue heard at one point, and some of the Arabic spoken has an accent unique to Morocco ... It is captioned in Arabic. “The Africans are also armed.” One of the Arabic hashtags below says.

Make Your Wildest Adventures Come True in Jordan

The Capital Journal 10 Mar 2023
While Arabic is the primary language, English is taught in public schools and commonly spoken ... If Jordan is your first Arabic-speaking destination, Amman is the perfect place to start ... 1 ... 2 ... During this class, run by three highly skilled women, you’ll learn how to make a traditional, three-course Arabic meal in one of the oldest neighborhoods in Amman.

‘We feel safe here’: historic Turkish tourist city opens its doors to Syrian quake survivors

The Observer 09 Mar 2023
The old city of Mardin is one of Turkey’s most beautiful tourist destinations ... Photograph. Hemis/Alamy ... Photograph ... Photograph ... The city is located just 20 miles from the Syrian border and 120 miles from the Iraqi border, and Arabic, Turkish and Kurdish are all spoken. Historically, other languages spoken here have included Syriac, Armenian and Aramaic ... .

Deconstructing the Israeli Genocide Libel

The Algemeiner 08 Mar 2023
However, a look at the population figures for Israel’s Arab citizenry as well as the Palestinians of the West Bank and Gaza shows a marked increase in these populations ... In the Knesset (Israel’s parliament), Hebrew and Arabic are the only two languages allowed to be spoken from the rostrum in the plenum.

Helping Israelis, Palestinians find healing by connecting - opinion

The Jerusalem Post 08 Mar 2023
... Arab Palestinian educators ... Holding her close, with tears running down her face, was another member of our group – an Arab teacher from Acre who had spoken in a previous meeting of how scared the Arab children in her kindergarten are because of the riots of Jews and Arabs in Acre.

Bishop David O’Connell’s funeral marked an end, but sparks new questions on next steps

LA Daily News 04 Mar 2023
While the funeral Mass on Friday was the coda on weeks of mourning and memorials since O’Connell was found shot to death in side his Hacienda Heights home on Feb ... That will start to emerge after the arraignment ... The region, exceedingly diverse, includes Masses spoken in Spanish, Vietnamese, Filipino, Indonesian, Chinese, Arabic and Korean ... .

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